About Us

Spartan Spectrum is the first student organization dedicated to autism at Michigan State University. Our mission is to spread awareness throughout the community and educate our peers about the overall spectrum of autism. Spartan Spectrum believes in education through experience, where we provide opportunities for college students to learn about autism by forming friendships with individuals who have autism. 

Here at Spartan Spectrum, we aim to shed a new light on autism. We want you to focus on the abilities of others, not the disabilities. We hope that through our organization, we can provide everyone with the resources to experience autism in a new way, one that will make autism awareness known and understood. Come to our events to see our guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, and many other experiences to gain a more holistic understanding of the world that surrounds autism spectrum disorders!


Learning more about autism can help combat any misconceptions that are typically associated with the disorder. Take a look at these links for additional facts and information.